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I need support

You can request support from service desk colleagues using GLPI platform
In addition, a form has been enabled in the following link to send us incidents/suggestions/requests

What happens with my old data?

All your old info will be migrated to the new account.
However, your former account will be kept for a few weeks (with all associated info).
You will be able to access your old account using a temporal domain with your old credential (username and password).

Where are my former Teams' chats data?

Your Teams chat data will be accesible at 'Migrated Teams Chat' folder inside you mailbox.

Will I have an e-mail address with the domain

Soon you'll have it.
Please, check the policy of governance and nomenclature document

New account credentials

Your new account credential will be (used for all these services):
  • username: It's your current e-mail address (eg: joseba.salazar(at), rafael.kuhl(at), etc…)
  • password: Prior the migration you will receive an email with a temporary password. Please use it to access, to be able to set a lasting password, which you'll use from then to access your account.

Mail access

You'll be able to access your mail using the following link in any browser:

Although the recommended way to use the mail is Microsoft Outlook application.

OneDrive access

To access the OneDrive service you will have to log at OneDrive app, or using the following link:

Teams access

You can access the service from any internet browser using the following link (once you login, you'll be asked to install the application or keep using the web version, please, use the app):

Sending emails from applications (SMTP)

You'll still be able to use any third-party services already setup (such as Acumba, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, etc).
The platform chosen by the group will be Mailjet.
You can request credentials to use the platform through the form

Mailjet SMTP access configuration is:
port: 25 or 587
Username: -
Password: -

How do I manage a user on-boarding/off-boarding?

Those requests will be handled through the form found at, or using the GLPI portal.

Multi-factor authentication

Temporarily, the multi-factor authentication of your accounts will be disabled (for legal reasons).
Soon we'll provide MFA devices for those users without work mobile devices.
Once we distribute them MFA will be mandatory for all accounts.


POP3, IMAP and SMTP mail access protocols are disabled in the new tenant.
They have been marked as deprecated by Microsoft, and will be permanently disabled from September 2022.
If you, temporarily, need access to any of the mailboxes through these protocols, please, request it using the form found at

Help links

Microsoft documentation regarding the services and the apps.
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